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A Journey For Balance

Sue Groszek, a reader of the North Coast Community Homes HomePage newsletter, decided she needed more information about the options for living arrangements that are available for families who have children with disabilities. In the following article she shares her experience.

"I woud like to share my journey in hopes that I can help others going through similar journeys...

As my youngest child, Annie has reached adulthood, I found myself looking for a special type of balance, the balance of support and independence. Annie -- or should I now by saying Anne? -- is almost twenty-one years old. She has blond hair, blue eyes, Down syndrome, Autism, ADD and probably a few more attributes that can be described with labels and alphabet soup. Anne is multifaceted. I have often said that if she were a diamond she would shine brightly because of all the facets she has!"

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Published by: North Coast Community Homes

February, 2011


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