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Beachwood Mayor Visits Monarch

Mayor Gorden Visits Bellefaire JCB's Monarch Center for Autism

Beachwood Mayor Merle S. Gorden recently visited Bellefaire JCB's Monarch Transitional Education Program (MTEP), accepting an invitation from associate teacher Casey Smith because Alex, a MTEP student, is interested in local government.

MTEP offers opportunities for Monarch School students, ages 14 through 22, as they make the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The program incorporates Monarch School's visual language model with innovative technology, experiential learning, community-based instruction, vocational training, and therapy. Students achieve independence in numerous critical life skills that perpare them to live and work optimally. Amentities meet the unique sensory needs and learning styles of young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and include a fitness center, student-run store, multi-sensory room, greenhouse, and technology center.

MTEP is part of Bellefaire JCB's Monarch Center for Autism. Visit for more information.

Publication: Beachwood Buzz

Date: May 2011


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