Monarch Center for Autism Cleveland Ohio

Autism Awareness Month

Monarch Center for Autism recognizes April as National Autism Awareness Month. learn more

Adult Autism Program

Monarch offers an individualized vocational, habilitation and recreational program for adults ages 18 and older with Autism Spectrum Disorders. learn more

Residential Treatment

Monarch Boarding Academy is a unique residential treatment program designed for individuals ages 8-22 with Autism Spectrum Disorders. learn more

The Soap Shop

The Soap Shop was launched in 2011 by Monarch Center for Autism. It offers a meaningful vocational experience for individuals with autism. With guidance from staff, Monarch clients oversee all learn more

Cleveland, OH - A 'Best' Place for Autism

Autism Speaks listed Cleveland, OH as one of the best places for families with an autistic child to live. learn more

FOX 8 News Feature

Learn how Monarch School and Monarch Transitional Education Program prepare adolescents with autism to transition to adulthood. learn more

Boston Collaboration

In 1999, Bellefaire JCB partnered with Harvard Medical School and Childrens Hospital Boston's Autism Language Program. learn more


VizZle™ is a Web-based platform for creating, organizing, and sharing interactive, visual-language-based learning activities for individuals on the autism spectrum. learn more

Monarch Model

The core of the Monarch Model is in developing a language system – spoken, visual and written – that assists students in achieving their maximum potential. learn more

Creative Expressions

Students at Monarch Center for Autism are afforded opportunities to express their creative talents everyday. View our photo gallery and video library… learn more

Autism Resources

Thanks to a grant from the Women's General Hospital Fund of the Cleveland Foundation... learn more
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Monarch Center for Autism

Cleveland, Ohio Autism School and Autism Resource Center


Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Monarch Center for Autism offers a comprehensive array of programs and services for individuals ages three through adulthood, with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Highlights include a preschool (three to six years); day school for children and adolescents (5 to 22 years); transitional education program (14 to 22 years); adult autism program (18 and older); autism residential treatment for children, adolescents and adults; summer and extended school year programs; family training, support and social activities; The Soap Shop; The Note Shop; VizZle™ (visual language technology); and an online autism resource center developed in partnership with the Women’s General Hospital Fund of the Cleveland Foundation. Monarch School is a chartered non-public school, licensed by the State Board of Education of the State of Ohio. Monarch is also a certified California non-public school and is Illinois State Board of Education approved.

Monarch Center for Autism is a division of Bellefaire JCB, one of the nation’s largest, most experienced child service agencies providing a variety of behavioral health, substance abuse, education and prevention services.