Monarch Center for Autism Cleveland Ohio

Guiding Principles

mikey-vGuiding Principles230 for AT Planning and Service Delivery (Adapted from Joy Zabala)

  1. The primary goal of assistive technology is the enhancement of capabilities and the removal of barriers to performance.
  2. Assistive technology can be a barrier.
  3. Assistive technology may be applicable to all disability groups and in all phases of education and rehabilitation.
  4. Assistive technology is related to function, not disability.
  5. The least complex intervention needed to remove barriers to performance should be the first consideration.
  6. Assessment and intervention involve a continuous, dynamic process of systematic problem solving.
  7. Regularly scheduled follow-up and adjustments are expected.
  8. Assistive technology does not eliminate the need for social and academic skills instruction.
  9. A team approach is required.

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