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Level of Service Assessments

Once eligible for a waiver, determination of the level of support that one receives is made in great part by the following two assessments:256

  1. Acuity Assessment: Once eligible and a waiver slot has become available for the individual, an acuity assessment will be completed to determine the level of funding necessary to support the individual in non-residential daily living. This assessment ONLY applies to the activities that a person engages in outside of their living situation. For example, this assessment would determine the level of support an eligible individual should need in:
    • Supported Employment
    • Sheltered Employment
    • Day Habilitation Programs
    • Post-Secondary Training
    Eligibility for a waiver does not imply a “blank check.” Not all individuals receiving a Medicaid waiver will receive the same level of funding for services.
    An Acuity Assessment Instrument is utilized to determine the service need for each individual and assigns each participant to one of four acuity groups. Staff to participant ratio and funding limits separate each acuity group.
  2. Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile (ODDP): The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Profile is an assessment tool for individuals enrolled on the Individual Options (I/O) Waiver. The ODDP contains a series of questions created and designed to determine an individual’s service needs related to their living situation. The answers to these questions:
      • Provide information about an individual’s needs and the circumstances in which they live
      • Are scored by the Ohio Department of MR/DD
      • May change, therefore the assessment is completed only when the individual has received an I/O Waiver. When a person is enrolled in the Individual Options Waiver, the assessment will be completed as part of the enrollment process. Service & Support Administrators (SSAs) complete the assessment with the entire team.
    • The purpose of the ODDP is:
      • To ensure that individuals across the State of Ohio who have similar needs and circumstances receive Waiver services at comparable levels of funding.
      • To assign the appropriate level of resources to individuals based on their functional needs and not solely on a diagnosis or perceived level of cognitive ability.
    There are 9 funding ranges associated with the ODDP allowing annual budgets from $5001 to $500,000. The ODDP is composed of 40 questions covering ten areas:
    1. Identifying Information
    2. Residential
    3. Disability Description
    4. Medical Information
    5. Sensory/Motor Information
    6. Cognitive/ Communication Information
    7. Behavior
    8. Self Care and Daily Living Skills
    9. Routine Voluntary Caregivers
    10. Clinical Services

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