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Ohio Department of Mental Retardation Developmental Disability Medicaid Waivers

The two waivers that are administered by the Ohio Department of Mental Retardation Developmental Disability (ODMRDD) include:253

  1. Level One Waiver: The Level One Waiver has significant limitations on the amount of funds available for the types of services for supported living. Someone requiring a very limited amount of assistance (e.g., occasional supervision or respite for the natural supports in their life) may be sufficiently funded through this waiver.
    • Level One Waiver can provide up to $5,000 a year for personal care or respite. A limited amount of emergency assistance is available.
    • The following services are covered:
      • Homemaker/Personal Care
      • Institutional Respite
      • Informal Respite
      • Transportation
      • Personal Emergency Response Systems
      • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies
      • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations
      • Emergency Assistance
      • Supported Employment
      • Day Habilitation
      • Adult Day Services
    • To apply for the Level One Waiver go to your local Department of Job and Family services office and fill out the application.
    • The rules for this waiver are available on the Ohio Department of MRDD Website at
    • Individuals receiving Level One Waiver services can select from ODMRDD certified providers of their choice. Individuals or agency applicants who are interested in providing Level One Waiver services may apply for certification through the Ohio Department of MRDD. Each Level One Waiver service has a different certification requirement. Certification must be obtained before delivering services to people enrolled on the Level One Waiver. For information about the certification process or requirements, call the Provider Certification Support Line at (877) 289-3636.
  2. Individual Options (IO) Waiver: Most individuals that require ongoing assistance in supported living or residential services will require the Individual Options (IO) Waiver that can offer a higher level of funding in the area of supported living.
    • Individual Options Waiver can provide:
      • Homemaker/Personal Care
      • Home Modification and Adaptations
      • Transportation
      • Respite Care
      • Social Work
      • Home-delivered meals
      • Nutrition
      • Interpreter Services
      • Specialized Adaptive or Assistive Medical Equipment and Supplies
      • Supported Employment
      • Day Habilitation
      • Adult Day Services
    • Individuals receiving the I/O Waiver can select providers of their choice. Providers are certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. Certified providers are listed on the ODMRDD Website:
    • To apply for an I/O Waiver, contact your County Board of MR/DD.

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