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SMART Technologies Collaborates with Local Schools

Greater Cleveland Area - December, 2011

Brunswick City Schools and Monarch Center for Autism were selected from districts across the nation by SMART Technologies to be featured in an advertising campaign. Brunswick and Monarch were chosen, according to Shannon Lehmann, SMART Product Marketing Program Manager, because of their "unique and inclusive and specialty approaches to education using SMART products to inspire students with special needs."

"Use of SMART technology has proven to be very beneficial to our students with special needs," said Paula Jones, Assistant Director of Special Education, Brunswick City Schools. "It has provided students with an outlet for learning and communicating in a way that was never available to them in the past."

SMART became aware of both the Brunswick Schools and Monarch Center for Autism through Monarch Teaching Technologies in Shaker Heights, who supports SMART Technologies with VizZle, their visual learning software.

"SMART Technologies contacted us about finding exemplar school districts already using SMART Boards, SMART Tables, VizZle and other technologies in innovative ways. We immediately thought of Katie and Paula at Brunswick along with staff at Monarch Center for Autism and are delighted to connect everyone to tell this story. These innovative technologies continue to change the lives of children with special needs across a spectrum of environments, and we want communities to know more about this so they can help their children." -- Jack Eder, Director of Business Development at Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc.

As a result of the schools' involvement, special education classrooms at Hickory Ridge Elementary, Brunswick High School and Monarch Center for Autism were equipped with a variety of new SMART Technology products, including state-of-the-art projectors, height-adjustable SMART Boards, and SMART Response systems - at no cost to the districts.

"We are so grateful to have been selected by SMART Technologies. Thanks to their equipment, we have had tremendous success fostering collaboration, engagement and interactivity in our classrooms. Our students are intrinsically drawn to SMART's visual technology, and our staff enjoys having the flexibility to personalize learning to meet various needs," said Debra Mandell, Director of Monarch School.


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