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Welcome to our extensive compilation of autism resources (i.e., Websites), each of which has been categorized to enhance your search capabilities. For your convenience, all resources (Websites) are also listed in the “Websites” category at the bottom of the page.

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You can find a resource through an advanced search or by browsing the categories.

In an effort to expand the breadth of resources and enable you to share your experience and wisdom with others, we encourage you to submit suggested resources to us (e.g., recommended dentists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists; effective early intervention services; private therapists, etc.). We will review all submissions and categorize and post them accordingly. To make a submission, please find a category that you would like your submission to appear in.  Click the "Add your listing here" link that you will find within the category that you are viewing.

In addition, if you have experience with any of the resources (e.g., you would highly recommend a particular dentist for children with autism), please consider reviewing and rating them online so others can benefit from your knowledge.  To rate or review a resource, click through to the specific entry for the resource you want to review.

Please note, Monarch Autism Resource Center does not endorse or recommend any providers, methodologies or services from any of the groups or companies listed in the resource directory. This information is for educational purposes only.

External Link Disclaimer:

Links to external websites are for informational purposes only. The information on external websites is believed accurate but not guaranteed. Monarch Autism Resource Center disclaims liability for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to refuse or delete any link. Acknowledgement of these websites does not constitute endorsement by Monarch Autism Resource Center.


Autism Resource Center

Monarch Autism Resource CenterThanks to a grant from the Women's General Hospital Fund of the Cleveland Foundation, Monarch Center for Autism is pleased to launch its online Autism Resource Center. It provides families whose children were diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a reputable and consolidated location to search for everything they need to know about ASDs - including diagnosis, coping strategies, educational and treatment options, assistive technology, waivers, and much more. Resources include:

  • General Information and education about Autism Spectrum Disorders including causes and theories, symptoms, physical and medical issues, screening and diagnosis, family issues and coping strategies, frequently asked questions, and a glossary of terms
  • Information and education about treatments and interventions for individuals with ASDs including therapies, medical and dietary interventions and assistive technology
  • Information about educating children with ASDs including early intervention, legal rights, IEPs, and financial assistance
  • Information about transitioning individuals with ASDs to adulthood including transition planning, residential living options, adult day programs and services, and future planning
  • Interactive links to hundreds of relevant websites, organizations and services, organized by categories, which enable users to rate and rank existing resources and submit new ones.

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