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Gracie’s and Chloe’s Success Story

grace and chloe at monarch"Gracie is a four-year-old, huggable, smart child who squeals with delight when she is excited. Music reaches her and she maintains steady eye contact whenever she is singing loud and proud! Chloe is her four-year old twin and is a lightening-fast child with a silly sense of humor, who loves to read and learn about outer space. Since we began our autism journey two years ago, everyone we’ve encountered has stressed the importance of early intervention for children on the spectrum. Everyone was right. Monarch has given our girls an intensive, language-rich academic environment, along with incomparable speech, occupational, music and art therapies. Gracie called me “Mommy” for the very first time in October (she was 3½). Chloe now answers many questions instead of repeating them. We are mortgaging our home so we can give the girls one more year at Monarch during this crucial developmental period for them. Monarch has worked miracles for us.” – Gracie’s and Chloe’s Family


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