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Laura's Success Story

"...Over the years, I can truly say that Monarch's Teachers are the "Best"!  They are Dedicated Professionals who are Caring & Understanding of our children's needs, and they are gifted with the Biggest Hearts, and the most Contagious Smiles, which are so very important and necessary when dealing with our children. Yes, they all have made a dramatic difference in Laura's Life.  She is finding her way. She is learning to love and trust. She now has a twinkle in her eye and a great big smile on her face that says "I'm beginning to understand... but please, don't let go of my hand... teach me more..." and in her heart she says...
"Thank you, for helping me to learn to smile."
"Thank you, for your Caring Hearts."
"Thank you, for your Willing Hand...when I need you."
"Thank you, for your encouragement when my day was tough."
"Thank you. You have no idea how much 'You' and Monarch have meant and done for me."
– With All Our Love and Appreciation, Laura & Mom


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