Bellefaire JCB

Founded in 1868, Bellefaire JCB (a not-for-profit organization) is among the nation’s largest, most experienced child service agencies providing a variety of behavioral health, substance abuse, autism, education and prevention services. Bellefaire JCB helps more than 40,000 youth and their families each year achieve resiliency, dignity and self-sufficiency through its more than 25 programs.

In response to studies by Mt. Sinai Foundation, Cleveland Foundation and professional advisors, Bellefaire JCB partnered with Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital to develop a dynamic response to the looming Autism epidemic. The results were the invention of the Monarch Model and the opening of Monarch School in 2000 with 12 students. Additional autism-related services, under the umbrella of Monarch Center for Autism, followed including the opening of Monarch Boarding Academy in 2004, Monarch Preschool in 2006, Monarch High School in 2010, Monarch Transition Education Program in 2010, Monarch Hall in 2011, Lifeworks in 2013, and Welcoming Spaces Program in 2017.

Today Monarch Center for Autism, a division of Bellefaire JCB, is a nationally recognized leader in autism treatment. We provide services for hundreds of individuals with autism, ages 3 through adulthood.

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