Wellness Center

The Wuliger Wellness Center provides integrated physical health and Dental Care services in a setting designed to accommodate the sensory needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Disabilities.

The Wuliger Wellness Center offers

  • State-of-the-art medical and dental exam rooms large enough to accommodate the team of parents, family members, and aides to ensure coordinated care;
  • Individual waiting rooms rather than one large, open space;
  • Facility designed to accommodate sensory challenges – sound-dampening and odorless building materials, non-glare surfaces, and high-efficiency LED lighting with color transitioning function;
  • Care Navigators to provide extra support – to minimize pre-appointment anxiety;
  • Visual stories to lay the groundwork for a safe, successful visit;
  • Individualized support to families before, during and after appointments.

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