Welcome to Monarch Center for Autism

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, we offer a comprehensive array of residential, early childhood, educational, transition, pre-vocational, adult, and community programs for individuals ages 3 through adulthood with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our degreed, certified and experienced staff deliver a range of therapeutic services intended to maximize each individual’s unique strengths and abilities. Monarch’s visual language immersion teaching Model, which combines visual supports, technology and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), leverages the strong visual processing abilities of individuals with autism. Monarch Center for Autism is a division of Bellefaire JCB, one of the nation’s largest and most experienced child service agencies.

Programs & Services


Intensive therapeutic intervention for ages 3 to 6 with suspected/confirmed autism

Day School

Chartered, non-public school licensed by The State Board of Education of Ohio for ages 5 through 21 with autism


Co-ed therapeutic residential treatment for ages 8 through 20 with autism

Virtual Autism Program

Online program of Monarch School for students ages 5 through 21 with autism

High School

Academic, social and pre-vocational instruction for Monarch School students ages 14 through 21 with autism

Transition Education

Onsite and community-based instruction and pre-vocational training for Monarch School students ages 14 through 21 with autism

Welcoming Spaces

Developing customized, autism-friendly supports (visual, social, communicative, sensory, and behavioral) for community-based organizations

Autism Resources

Educational resources for the autism community

Adult Autism Services

Supported living and lifelong learning services for adults ages 18 and older with autism

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