Education Services

Monarch School is a chartered non-public school, licensed by the State Board of Education of the State of Ohio. Specifically for children ages 3 through 21 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Monarch School, which opened in 2000, has a student body whose abilities vary greatly across the spectrum.  Monarch students ages 3 through 6 attend Monarch Preschool. Students ages 5 through 21 receive one-on-one and small group instruction and intensive therapeutic intervention from a team of specialists including intervention specialists, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavior specialists, a music therapist, art therapists, a recreational therapist and associate teachers. These professionals conduct initial and dynamic evaluations of Monarch students, which help drive instruction, to assess their language abilities (visual and spoken), academics, sensory, behavior, and other developmental domains. Monarch’s visual language teaching model is aimed at leveraging the strong visual processing abilities of children with autism. Technology is embedded in the curriculum, and classes are taught in a natural environment and address social skill development, language and communication, executive functioning, academic skills, activities of daily living, fine and gross motor skills, sensory intervention, and behavioral support. Student and program progress are continually assessed with a unique data collection system that measures performance through parameters of independence, accuracy, participation and behaviors.

Monarch school students ages 14 through 21 are able to participate in one or a combination of three unique programs.  The High School focuses on academics and social skills, while daily living and communication/behavior skills are the highlights of the Upper School.  Monarch Transition Education Program (MTEP) helps students make the transition from adolescence to adulthood. It incorporates Monarch’s visual language teaching model with innovative technology, experiential learning, on-site and community-based instruction, prevocational training, fine arts, and therapy. Monarch also offers an Extended School Year summer program, as well training, support and social activities for individuals with autism and their families.

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