Parent Satisfaction Survey

At the end of every academic year, Monarch School and Preschool distribute Parent Satisfaction Surveys to our families. The results are analyzed and shared with staff in an effort to maintain high standards and quality of service. Please click here to download copies of the 2016-2017 Monarch School Parent Satisfaction Survey and the Monarch Preschool Parent Satisfaction Survey

Below are highlights from the 2016-2017 Parent Satisfaction Survey:  


Monarch School/Preschool

Parent Satisfaction Survey Questions

% of families who indicated “Very Strongly Agree” or “Strongly Agree” or “Agree”

My child enjoyed his/her experiences.


My child benefitted from his/her experiences.


My child’s improvement this year was higher than expected.


I am satisfied with the services my child received this year.


Staff helped me understand my child’s needs.


Staff regularly communicated with me about my child’s performance and progress.


Staff encouraged me to participate in the decision making process.


All of my concerns and recommendations were documented on the IEP.


My child’s ability to communicate basic wants and needs has improved.



 Anecdotal Comments:

    • “Keep up the excellent work!”
    • “We are very pleased with Monarch!”
    • “Please convey appreciation and thanks to [student’s] teachers. They have given their 100% best at all times.”
    • “Our experience at Monarch has been exceptional! [Student] has made incredible progress and we are so grateful for [Intervention Specialist] and all of [Student’s] teachers.”
    • “I love that at the High School level the students receive more ‘community interaction’ to improve upon their social skills and independence. Keep that up! It's wonderful!”
    • “Just continue the outstanding work that the highly committed and professionally capable staff are doing.”
    • “My son is very happy at Monarch. [He has a wonderful teacher] who has gone above and beyond to make sure that he is successful at school and at home.”
    • “[Student] has had the best experiences and has learned so much with the direction and help that [the team] has given her.”
    • “MTEP has been a great program for [student]. He excels with [his team]. The opportunities in the community are unmatched.”
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