Monarch Preschool for Children with Autism

Intensive, therapeutic, individualized early childhood program, in a supportive environment, that fosters meaningful communication and primary school readiness.

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Children ages 3 to 6 with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children younger than 3 years of age may be considered upon request and evaluation.

Monarch preschool student with Autism Spectrum Disorder using visual supports


Monarch Preschool's curriculum is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning and Development Standards. Classes are taught in a natural environment and address social and play skill development, exectuive functioning, pre-academic skills, activities of daily living, fine and gross motor and imitation skills, sensory intervention, and behavior support, using language-based communication instruction. Students receive:

  • Speech Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Behavior Support
  • Music Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Pre-Academic Skills
  • School Readiness Skills
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Sensory Intervention

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Monarch Model

Monarch Preschool's visual language immersion teaching model, which was developed through an ongoing partnership with Dr. Howard Shane at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, combines concept-driven language instruction, visual supports, technology, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Individualized visual supports are created and implemented for each student around three primary constructs: Visual Instruction, Visual Expression and Visual Organization. In addition, classroom programming includes growth across seven functions of communication including: Protesting and Refusal; Organization and Transitions; Requests; Directives; Comments; Questions; Social Pragmatics

One-on-One Attention

Each student at Monarch Preschool receives individualized instruction from an interdisciplinary early childhood team, which offers a high clinician to student ratio. Professional staff include: Director, Intervention Specialist, Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Behavior Specialist, Art, Music and Recreational Therapists, and Associate Teachers.

Monarch Preschool applies the systematic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with our visual language immersion teaching model, which fosters meaningful communication and primary school readiness. Upon graduation, students matriculate to their local school districts for kindergarten, some enroll in priviate schools, and other join Monarch School's kindergarten.


Monarch Preschool is located in a campus-based facility, co-habitated by a neurotypical preschool. This affords Monarch Preschool students opportunities to socialize with neurotypically developing peers, upon demonstration of readiness, as determined by the IEP Team.

Monarch's classroom and outdoor playground are intentionally designed to create supportive learning environments that meet the unique sensory and processing needs of students with autism.

Technology is embraced through educational software, video modeling, web-based tools, a SMART Board, augmentative communication devices, iPads, and other mobile devices. 



Monarch Preschool's interdisciplinary team of professionals individualizes the assessment process based on each student's ability to participate in any of the following assessments: standardized tests; curriculum and/or criterion referenced assessments; Monarch proprietary assessments. The results of these assessments drive the student's highly individualized academic and therapeutic treatment plan.


The interdisciplinary team collaborates daily to develop, deliver and enhance the student's treatment plan, which promotes generalization in multiple settings with a variety of individuals.


Student and program progress are continually assessed with a unique data collection system that measures performance through parameters of independence, accuracy, participation, and behavior.

Partnering with Families

Monarch Preschool families receive daily communication and attend three meetings with teachers and therapists per year in addition to the IEP meeting. Family networking and training sessions are also available.


The program runs five days a week, ten and a half months a year. Students can attend full day or half day (morning or afternoon)


Monarch is a provider for the Ohio Department of Education’s Autism Scholarship Program.


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